Web Development for Government Websites

Every website must be developed to meet the needs of the owner and the owner’s target audience. There are professionals who look after this and ensure these expectations are met. One is the web designer and the other is the web developer. In many cases clients just rely on their expertise to get the job done. In other instances, there is a specific mandate that must be followed. A good example of this is government websites.

These government agencies have specific web requirements that they will post as news to keep those who develop these sites knowledgeable as to what is required.

Web Design

The Government of Canada has provided some detailed information to assist both the web designers and the developers. They provide technical specifications as to what the requirements are for their government websites. While they focus on every aspect of the design they have included more information about screen size. This is to cater to the government website users that access these portals through their mobile devices.

Web Development

One sector of the Canadian government has even provided additional tools for the web developer to use. The development of many of the government websites is done by in house professionals who specialize in this field. But, the government has also made these resources available to outside communities.


Content for any website is just as important as the web design and web development is. Therefore, the Canadian government has set some stringent guidelines for this area as well.

For those web designers and developers that have private clients that have a similar mandate as what the government uses these resources can be beneficial. Even students of web design and web development could learn a lot by reviewing what these requirements are. The information provided could be valuable to them.

It is important that all the Canadian government sites have some consistency and are easy to follow as their audiences are diverse.