Web development for any type of website requires a big commitment and a lot of patience. Some websites are easier to develop and some clients are easier to work with. One type of web development that comes with a big challenge most often is E-commerce web development.

The Design

If the developer is not also a web designer then these two need to work closely together. For an e-commerce site, it is critically important that the design be a responsive one. Many people are now doing their online shopping via their mobile devices. They want to have the convenience of being able to shop at their favourite online stores with no compromises. Meaning the design of the website has to fit nicely on the various screens that the mobile devices are comprised of.

Check Outs and Payment Gateways

Another crucial component of the development of the e-Commerce sites is they must have a reliable way for guest checkout and for making payments. This is up to the developer to ensure that this happens.

Ease of Use

Another big challenge that comes with this type of website is ease of use. E-commerce sites usually have a lot of products that they want to display. Viewers have to be able to move from one product to another with as least hassle as possible. If they can’t they will often leave the site without having made any purchases.

Load Time

The e-Commerce web designer has to focus on the speed at which each page of this type of site loads. Shoppers don’t want to be waiting for products to load. Also, a slow site can have a negative effect on the search engine optimization components of the site.


There are so many e-commerce websites now on the internet that they are all beginning to look the same. The develop must address this by creating some uniqueness.