Web Development and Internet security

It is much easier on the surface to see the finished results of the web designer. For the web developer, their talents are more appreciated when site visitors use various components of the site. Something that both experts often don’t get much credit for is the security measures they build into a website.

Their job at staying on top of security is becoming increasingly difficult. Especially when a robot can thwart the built-in security system.

The Clash of the Robots and Internet Security

Robots in internet usage are not something new. Robot technology is used in a variety of different ways. Web developers will often use a simplified version of security. For example, using captcha’s. This has been for a very long time an effective way of preventing robots from accessing a site.

Robots are often used for spamming a site. But, the captcha was an easy solution. It took a human to check the I am not a robot checkbox. The latest news showcases how the robot may have finally mastered this simple defeat of getting access to a site.

The news article indicates that a robot using a stylus could tick the captcha box. Scary but true. Most who are involved in the internet technology new that artificial intelligence was going to create security challenges for the developers. But few thought that it would come through a robot process such as this.

While this seems impressive and maybe a little shocking. It shouldn’t be as robotics are being used in many different fields of technology. Including the ability to perform precision surgery under the guidance of the right professionals.

What Does It All Mean?

It really all comes down to the web developer is now going to have to outsmart the robots once again. The days of this being a simple task may be numbered.