The majority of clients will make it well known as to what they want and expect from their web designers and web developers. Many are now want a website designed with the focus on videos.

The Best Approach

For clients that are new to websites, the web designer and developer may want to take a different approach. They have the responsibility of fulfilling the requests of the client. But, sometimes clients are making requests for video sites without realizing what they are asking for. In these cases, the web developer may want to focus on a site that can accommodate videos. But is not going to be totally reliant on them.

The Client’s Responsibility

Some clients don’t realize that once a site is built it still needs ongoing maintenance. Either they are going to have to do this themselves or hire someone. If they are going to have a video website they have the task of constantly adding videos. At first this starts out as something interesting for the clients. Then before long they find it too time consuming and soon give up on it. For those with a structured website for video it is going to suffer.

Educate the Client

The best way to deal with clients when it comes to video websites especially is to educate them. By informing them of the work that goes into this type of site and what it takes to maintain it will help them with their decision.


A good web developer and web designer should be able to get their clients to compromise. Getting them to understand that the site can still be structured for video presentations. But, not just isolating it to this one particular design. Let the client know that there is always the option for upgrades in the future.