Web Design Spending Booms in Toronto

If one does a search for web designers on the internet it may give the impression that the market is saturated with small companies and individuals offering web design services. Yet, this doesn’t seem to be the case as a lot of industries use web designers and web developers for more than just setting up their websites.

Insurge in Learning for Coding

This is something that has become apparent in Canada and according to one news article where a lot of Torontonians were prepared to pay about $10K to learn to code.

These were crash courses to help open up the doors for employment for those who wanted to get into the IT world. That was only a year ago, but now today many are getting their start by learning computer programming in the school system. This gives them a foundation to branch off into many different web technologies. This includes those who develop an interest in web designing or development.

Job Prospects in Toronto Area

The Department of Employment indicates that the job market in the field of web designers and developers is fair. Statistics show as of 2018 that there are about 7,600 that are currently employed in these areas. The statistics have broken down the employment areas into segments.

One may think that it would be the financial sector that would use these services the most. But indicators are this industry only uses these services about 7%. It is the professional industry as well as companies in scientific and tech. services that use web designers and developers the most at approx. 56%. The balance of 11% is made up of the entertainment and recreational services. It also includes the cultural arts and information sector.

The internet has been instrumental in providing many different services. With its growth, it has been instrumental in creating new job positions. With AI becoming something new chances are this will create even future job growth.