There are plenty of established websites on the internet. Therefore they are not going to change their web design with each new year. But, for those that are just about to have their website built in 2018 they may want to pay attention to what is trending.

2018 Trends

Like any other year the trends will vary, some focus on using old ideas in new ways.

  • Drop shadows: These have always been a part of web design. However, for awhile they seemed to take the back burner, now they are making a comeback again. They are being used in a unique way. In that the focus on them now more revolves around their ability to create depth to the website appearance.
  • Saturation Colors: More use of colours is taking place in unique ways. Web designers are playing with colour saturations which is creating a more defined and recognizable colour scheme. Which fits in nicely with the web branding.
  • Textured Backgrounds: Instead of solid or image backgrounds more use is being made of what looks like textured backgrounds. These have an interesting appeal to them. They are not boring so they catch site visitors off guard. They can replace image backgrounds which tend to detract attention from the main focus of the website.
  • Mobile is a Must: No matter whether a new site owner is going to stay conventional or not, they must insist on the site being mobile friendly.

Tweeking and Established Site

Established site owners will not want to go through dramatic changes. But, they can modernize their site by implementing some of the more subtle design trends that are not only taking place for this year but future years as well.

Web design is very much like the fashion world. Each year something new and exciting becomes available.