Scotia Bank Uses Website to Get More Mileage From Tweets

The world of Banking has changed since the introduction of the internet. Now that people, in general, are more comfortable sharing personal information on the web it has changed the way these banks conduct their financial transactions. It has created a huge change where banks like the Scotia bank has had to focus more on internet technology for serving their clients.

Scotiabank has been creative in reusing their digital material to get the biggest impact from it. A good example of this is how they take their twitter posts and add them to their own platform. Then those who may have missed them on the Twitter platform, are still going to benefit from them through the Scotiabank platform.

Digital Factory News

Scotiabank usually always has some news that it wants to share with its target market. They have been creative in the way they have gone about this. They have created a unique segment of their website called the Digital Factory. This way instead of having to create constant new releases they are utilizing their own platform for the same purpose. It is also beneficial in helping to build the bank’s brand.

News and Learning Combined

With a platform such as this, they can use it also to educate their clients. Being able to use their content for duel purposes really scales up their chances of increasing business. Also, they don’t have to depend on the news media to pick up important information that is considered newsworthy. They can rely on their own resources for this.

Job Opportunities

Another big factor about the implementation of the Digital factory is that it appears to be opening up job positions that are going to demand different skills. It is this type of requirement that is opening up the web design and development market in Canada.