Kiiji Uses Unique Web Design To Generate Interest

For internet shoppers, there are many different opportunities for them to buy just about anything they need. There are tons of eCommerce stores. Then there is a whole array of classifieds where goods and services can be purchased. A prime example of this type of platform is Kijiji.

Kijiji Markets Through Web Design

One would think that with a classified site that once it was designed and developed it would then be left to its own devices for attracting users. Kijiji doesn’t think that way as they continue to utilize web design along with educating their target market. They do this with a combination of utilizing good web design, along with web development and quality content.

  • Web design: The type of target market that Kijiji has to reach are shoppers who are looking for bargains. They want to find what they are looking for fast. In order for Kijiji to be able to market to them they need a web design that is going to be easy to view and allow readers to follow through with calls to actions with as few clicks as possible.
  • Web development: The developer has to be sure that the platform is going to be able to handle the volume of traffic that a website like Kijiji is expected to generate.
  • Content: This company educates their readers through blogs and other content to encourage them to use the services that Kijiji offers which is to both buyers and sellers.

New Media Focuses on Kijiji’s new campaign approach of shake it up. They are restructuring the positioning on platforms for the individual audiences that this site attracts. It means the focus is on linng up creatives with the appropriate target markets. The company’s research has shown that the majority of users do so via their mobile devices as well as the Kijiji app.