Is Digital Marketing on Shaky Ground?

Digital marketing has an element of trust to it. What people read and see through this technology has to be honest and trustworthy. Social media makes up part of the digital marketing industry. According to the latest news the trust in this segment of digital marketing may be diminishing.

Advertisers Sending Message

A lot of companies do their digital marketing and advertising through social media platforms. Some of these platforms have been under scrutiny recently and indications are they may be vulnerable. This may be causing some advertisers not wanting to invest as much money in their marketing and advertising on these platforms.

What Are the Issues?

The main concern is that some of the social platforms are becoming laden with hate messages and racism. Then according to the USA president’s favorite term, “fake news”. All of this has an impact on those companies that are spending billions of dollars on digital marketing and advertising. They need to get the most for their dollars spent. They cannot afford to have the social media target market exposed to these issues that appear to be weakening their trust.

Canada Just as Concerned

Canadians seem to have more trust in journalism then they do in the social media platforms. This raises concerns for Canadian industries that are going to invest a lot of money in their digital marketing. In regards to where they are going to spend these dollars.

There has to be a solution found as the social media target market is a huge market for many industries. If the trust cannot be established in this sector then it means other avenues for marketing and advertising are going to have to be found, which will not be an easy task. Also, it has to be taken into account that the major social media platforms make their money from selling advertising.