Going Back to School for Web Design News

Many of the news media companies show a keen interest in internet technology. Especially that which revolves around web design and development as well as digital marketing. Some like CNN has got to the point where they are promoting education in this field. By doing so it serves several important purposes.

New Way of Learning

One major new media outlet is promoting virtual training This new media platform has a program called Underscore. This is where they are promoting products. One of these happens to be virtual training. It is a smart move on their part. As many more people are inclined to adopt this form of training because it comes with greater benefits to them individually.

Cost Factor

One of the significant aspects of virtual training is that it can be more cost-effective. In a lot of cases, the courses are more streamlined. Therefore students are not being forced into learning about things that they will not be used in the working world. For example, with virtual training most often those who are interested in web design can focus just on this one topic. They are not being forced into learning web development if they have no interest in it. This cuts down the cost of the training. As well as less time is needed for one to complete their chosen studies.

The course that CNN is promoting at this specific time includes developing skills in graphics and page layouts. All of which are highly important to the web designer.

Entry Level

Virtual learning may not offer degrees but some may offer certification. Which is enough for graduates to seek out entry-level positions. This is applicable to both web design and web development.

The two major benefits of virtual learning are the cost factors and their ability to save the student time.