Canadians and Internet Price Hikes

The price that Canadians pay for their internet usage can vary. It can depend on the region they live in. As well as the type of service they are opting for. They have a variety of choices. Most will not say that internet services are cheap but at the same time, most will not go without internet access.

Rising Costs

It seems that at least according to one news media that some of the major internet providers in Canada are gearing up for a rate increase. Or at least are going to make some major changes that will affect costs.

When is “Enough is Enough”?

Most like the major telecom companies are banking on their target market being willing to pay almost anything to secure their internet access. Indications are that there could be an increase as much as $8. A month. While others are trying to keep it in the $4. range increase. It is most likely that the majority of internet users will continue with their chosen services but they won’t be happy about it. Many are calling these proposed increases as price gouging.

No Options

If only one internet service provider was going to raise their rates then internet users may have some options. But even then this may not be the case. Internet availability is usually by regions. Quite often these different regions may be restricted in their choices of providers. Especially in the rural Canadian areas. If all the service providers catering to one region are going to increase their prices then there are no options to switch providers.

Internet a Continuously Growing Business

Internet providers are quite secure in their Canadian industry. Looking at statistics dating back to 2016 they show that an average household was spending about $594. For these services. An increase of 35.6% from 2012.