This site is dedicated to experience and novice web designers and developers. But, it has also included an additional topic. Which is digital marketing. This is because it is the next important step for businesses once they have had their website designed and developed. There may be visitors here who are only interested in one of these segments. To make the site easy to access it is broken down into categories.

Web Development

This section of the site as the name implies is dedicated to those who are interested in web development. All too often the information needed for web designers and web developers gets intermingled. We have made every attempt to avoid this. Here developers are going to find some interesting information about developing e-commerce sites and web development framework, along with some other interesting topics.

Web Design

The main priority of this section of our site is to bring the respect to web designers that they so greatly deserve. Most often their importance is overlooked outside of their ability to make a site look good. The information here touches on their important contributions to SEO and how to deal with trends.

Digital Marketing

We had to include digital marketing as this is the next step after a website has been designed and developed. It will give new and experienced business owners some new ideas and perhaps a different approach to their digital marketing needs.

Some of the other posts here use specific business examples to give a clearer picture of these industries. Readers will also enjoy the recent news section.